From Plans to Impact

Our analytics & planning experts optimise your enterprise reporting & forecasting. Translate data into impact - and focus on what matters

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Your trusted partner in enterprise data

Keansa Solutions provides a global team of experts in data and analytics technology. Matched with supply chain, finance & operations domain expertise, we ensure delivery of transformations that endure.

Shift your energies towards activities that drive better decision-making and value-creation. 


Planning & close

We conduct strategic reviews of your business processes and implement leading Enterprise Performance Management & Financial Close solutions to redefine your business processes so you can quickly respond to changing market conditions with confidence.


Data & analytics

We deliver technical data integration, data security, and data quality services to enable you to eliminate data silos, work more closely with suppliers, and build an internal analytics culture founded on trusted, accurate, and reliable data.  


Support services

With our expert managed services and global 24/7-support, you can have certainty on your operating expenses for platforms, data and processes. Mitigate key-person risk while optimising your asset value.

How we work

Leading technology + domain expertise = practical solutions    

What's the real problem here?

If you're experiencing Excel chaos, we can help you discover how you can extend Excel’s flexibility and eliminate limitations - without losing what works well.

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Data modelling as strategy

Unified Performance Management starts with your end-to-end data strategy. It goes beyond the past. The true value is how data can provide information for your future. Bring finance, sales, operations and your broader value-chain, into a collaborative business model. It's one version of the truth, for your actuals, your plans and your strategy.    

Global footprint, local focus

With teams across Asia, the Americas, Middle East and Europe, Keansa's consultant network provides high-value enterprise deployments for fast-growing mid-sized organisations and global leaders.   

Better process, better outcome

With Keansa's process and domain advisory experts across Finance, Supply Chain and Sustainability, we focus on the key transformational change required, from your target operating model, to how you can redeploy constrained resources to achieve strategic outcomes.

Our business process experts work alongside our technology and data analytics implementation teams to position you for success.   

Technology: enabler, not an end-game

Our consultants have a singular focus on empowering teams to work smarter, make improved decisions and plan better.

Technology alone won't solve a business challenge, but a flexible solution, when guided by pragmatic experts is the foundation for an outcome that endures.     

Quality & project governance

We work across the entire project lifecycle to deliver end-to-end results. From business-case feasibility studies and executive alignment, to phased implementation, training & managed support, you can build sustained capacity and deliver return on investment.   

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Want to get more from your existing platforms?

From staff changes & new source systems, to shifting planning & reporting processes, it can be easy for your existing Business Intelligence & Enterprise Performance Management tools to become stale. With a no-risk strategic review and health check you can build a clear roadmap on where and how to improve.  

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Hear what our amazing clients say

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"The best IT run project, ever"

When F&N decided to redesign their Supply & Operations Process (S&OP), they brought together a team of experts from across the business.   

Daniel Woods
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"The #1 analytics AI-Tech"

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Jane Watts
Growth Marketer at Youtube
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"The next-gen AI analytics tool"

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Andrea Miles
Analytics Lead at Google
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