Our data & planning experts combine deep technology know-how with domain experts across finance, sales & operations, sustainability, & supply chain

Enterprise Performance Services

Keansa service delivery starts with your enterprise, industry, and planning strategy.

Strategy & Advisory

Our consulting services provide enterprise performance management with blueprints and tailored solutions that drive your business forward. With functional specialists in modern finance and xP&A, S&OP, Supply Chain, and ESG, we offer practical steps to optimising planning, forecasting, and data analytics.

Strategic process review

With our Strategic Process Enhancement, we analyse your existing processes, identify gaps, and proactively devise strategies for peak performance. From financial intricacies to supply chain nuances, we align data with your business objectives.

Benchmark assessment

Understand where you sit with the competition with analysis to compare your performance metrics against your peers, offering insights on how to outperform. Identify and implement improvements to enhance competitiveness and foster sustainable growth.

Operational health check

Ensure technology resilience through our Operational Health Check. Our experts delve deep into your current systems, processes, and data integrity, providing actionable recommendations that fortify your business foundations. We offer a holistic assessment to maintain your existing Enterprise Performance Management investment at its best.

1. Model performance tuning
2. Infrastructure assessment & cloud transition
3. Model redesign & enhancement

Project Implementation

We bring in a thorough engineering approach to the implementation phase guided by best-practice.

Project management & steering

Keansa will keep your leadership and project team updated throughout your transformational journey.

We work with your business subject matter experts, your technology team and your leadership team.

We adopt agile project management practices, both standard and proprietary, to accelerate time-to-value.

Technical consulting

At Keansa Solutions, we ensure seamless Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) by integrating data from ERP, CRM, HRMS, Salesforce. Consolidate, review, and make informed decisions effortlessly.


Our Data Integration team delivers enterprise-grade data integration for EPM solutions across disparate sources and geographies using multiple integration patterns.

1. Data Hub Design - source data quality testing
2. Data Connector - data flow set up
3. Data Migration Support - data load automation

Planning & modelling

Our modelling experts work closely with your team to create a best-in class solution. This ranges from out of the box, pre-configured best-practice solutions to bespoke development around your business process.

1. Driver-based modelling
2. Predictive forecasting (ML/AI)
3. Top-down & bottom-up scenario planning


Our design experts adopt best practice collaborative planning and visualisation to provide intuitive experience and make it easy to on-board new staff to your solution.

1. Process workflow modelling
2. Analytics dashboards & visualisations
3. Management & disclosure reporting packs


Keansa provides flexible packages for post implementation support of planning solutions. Keansa give your reliable support with business continuity.

With assurance and benefits to your organisation, you can be confident your latest updates successfully run the latest information is available immediately. With product knowledge and practice frameworks, you can rely on our responsive global support team.

Managed services

- Infrastructure - Cloud, virtualisation design, implementation and support, application and server hosting, network optimisation

- Daily/Weekly/Monthly operational process support - critical reporting and planning business process management

- On site and remote support

- Full or partial FTEs

- Global 24/7 system monitoring

As your process changes we ensure you enhance your data platforms and unlock further benefits.

Flexible on-demand support

Reduce your cost of support and reduce your risk. Flexible outsourced support models ensure you do both.

Support gives you confidence through staff movements, business changes, and provides continuity your solution will endure.

Feature enhancements, making changes to the present model as per the changing business requirements

- Add new templates and reports and planning methologies

- Add new data integration sources

- Monthly & annual business cycle support


Change brings exciting but challenging opportunities, and the success of large-scale transformation programs depends on how well your organisation embraces the change.

Keansa supports you in change management during project initiation by directly involving your team in the design phase, and during implementation using the train-the-trainer concept.

During roll-out we provide user training and post go-live support. This transfers the knowledge to your application owners giving full control of your solution. Training can be delivered in person, or remotely for global deployments.

Training components

- Training content development

- Readiness assessments

- Administrator & super user training

- Business user training

- Clear and concise documentation

- Coverage review