March 13, 2024

Modern Finance

Modern Finance means faster closes, more accurate plans and a focus on high value outcomes for the business

Elevate finance with Keansa

Unlock the power of digital transformation of core finance processes. Rely on dependable data for strategic plans and gain clear financial insights. Address planning challenges seamlessly, streamline AP and AR and enable better decision-making across your enterprise.

Solving finance challenges

Issues like poor visibility and complex manual processes can drag your team down and impede collaboration between departments. Keansa streamlines collaboration and enhances agility, delivering real-time insights for impactful decision-making.

Modern Finance solutions

Integrated Planning & Dynamic Insights:

  1. Align Budgeting & Forecasting with Operations for bidirectional clarity.
  2. Navigate revenue fluctuations with dynamic marketing and promotion support.
  3. Gain precision in understanding why variances to plan occur, with actionable insights.

Operational Excellence & Resource Optimisation:

  1. Build capacity in your team for long-term continuous improvement.
  2. Strategically manage expenses for enhanced financial performance.
  3. Navigate capital allocation with precision for optimal resource allocation.

Strategic Alignment & Transformation:

  1. Simplify manual consolidation through sophisticated tools.
  2. Align workforce planning with broader business goals for strategic optimisation.
  3. Seamlessly incorporate sustainability into financial planning for effective digital transformation.

Embark on a transformative journey with Keansa, where financial complexities become strategic pathways, shifting your organisation to smarter consolidations, strategic insights, and xP&A - the essence of modern finance.